What is Performance Vision?

Performance vision relates to the way your eyes are or aren’t geared for optimum sports performance. Sport often requires high levels of concentration and also high levels of coordination. Both of these traits are dependent on your vision. Performance vision optometry involves the behaviour of the eyes in relation to:

  • Visual Acuity − Can you see moving objects clearly? As the ball comes closer to you, can you catch it easily due to being able to perceive its whereabouts clearly?
  • Eye Tracking − Can you keep your eye on the ball and track where it is in space? Can you concentrate hard enough to return a serve?
  • Eye Focusing − In high-speed sports games, you may need to change your focus from one object to another quite quickly. Can you focus on the new object easily?
  • Peripheral Awareness − If you can see out of the corners of your eyes, you’ll be able to quickly spot opponents or an available team member to pass the ball to.
  • Depth Perception − This visual skill helps your coordination, as it allows you to judge the distance and speed of objects in relation to yourself.
  • Eye-Hand or Eye-Body Coordination − The way in which your eyes perceive objects will have a direct effect on how they tell your body and hands to move in response to them.

How Can We Help Improve Your Sports Performance Vision?

We can help athletes improve sports results with individualised performance vision testing, prescriptions and holistic optometry therapies. When you invest in your vision performance, you can be sure that your sports performance will also flourish.

Our behavioural optometrist conducts thorough performance eye checks in which he examines your eyes in all of the above areas. Sometimes sports outcomes are not about pure athleticism, but also about how your whole body processes and reacts to visual information.

By taking advantage of scientific breakthroughs in the knowledge of brain neuroplasticity, we can improve performance patterns of the eye, visual processing and bodily reactions. In turn, your physical performance in your chosen sport may exceed your previous abilities.

Get an Advantage Over the Competition with Improved Performance Vision

At Microprism Optics, we’re doing things in optometry that your regular optometrist just doesn’t know about. We’re using the newest technologies and scientific theories to bring about vision improvements that aren’t just good for your eyes. We take a holistic approach to vision that can help you improve the way your body interprets visual data, which can have great flow-on effects for your sports performance. To book one of our performance eye checks, call us today on (03) 9606 0330.


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