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Our eyes are under strain more than at any other time in history. Most people spend an unprecedented amount of time in front of a screen of some sort, whether it is the TV, a smartphone or a computer. While manufacturers have constantly sought to reduce the amount of damage these screens do to our eyes, there are always limits to the amount of time we can spend in front of them.

Improve Your Vision with Our Eye Doctor in Melbourne CBD

When you visit our eye doctor in Melbourne CBD, you are going to hear a lot about screens and good habits. Like every other organ, your eyes require the care and maintenance that people often forget. And, like every other organ, your eyes will be affected by your health in general, so if you are experiencing eye strain or a decline in vision, there might be something else at work. For these reasons and more, our eye specialist in Melbourne CBD isn’t just an optician, but a doctor who can read the signs that your eye health is sending out. Read More

What Services Our Optometrists Offer Across Melbourne CBD

Vision experts should not only be looking at the ways to prevent further eye damage but at the ways in which you can improve your health overall. The field of optometry has come a long way over the last three decades, and our founder, Dr Michael Christian, has been at the forefront for most of that time. Our practice is founded on the research he has brought to the field and a mission to look at vision as an interlinked mechanism of the body, not a standalone process.

With the help of our optometrist throughout Melbourne CBD, you will not only arrest the deterioration of your eyes but actually begin to improve their functionality. We will help with:

  • Understanding the unique ways in which your vision can be improved.
  • How well your prescriptions are working and whether they can be reduced or even stopped.
  • What you can do to improve your vision performance.
  • A reduction in eye discomfort and further damage caused by illness.

We’ll also look at ways you can change your habits to support healthy vision, mental clarity and the wellbeing that comes with good visual practice. Our therapies have been proven, time and again, to not only support eye health but wider health as well.

Book an Appointment With an Eye Specialist in Melbourne CBD & Begin Your Vision Recovery Today!

We understand how daunting it can be to put your vision in the hands of a new doctor. That’s why we have made it a simple and easy process that goes at your pace before we start treating your eyes. It begins with a simple, one-hour conversation about your health and medical history, along with a full rundown of the vision issues you may be facing at present. We’ll move on through assessments so we can get a better look before finally offering treatment.

For now, though, you need only get in touch and give us an idea of why you are looking for an optometrist near Melbourne CBD. Talk to us now via our messaging service, email, or telephone and, when you are ready, you can book your appointment online, and we will look forward to seeing you at the best optometrist in Melbourne CBD! Read Less


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