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Microprism Optics can provide prism glasses and other corrective solutions that are designed to enhance your vision and improve your wellbeing. Our holistic optometrist in Melbourne offers solutions that promote neuroplasticity and muscle memory, with the aim of improving your natural vision and reducing your prescription over time. This has the added benefit of alleviating various vision-related conditions. Discover what our optometrists can do for you. Read More

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The physical and mental processes that go into our ability to see are among the most complicated of our anatomy. The eye itself is a true wonder of physiology that is also supported by every aspect of our body, from our posture to how we hold a book or smartphone when we read. This also, unfortunately, means that any health or physical issues that we encounter can have a detrimental effect on our ability to see.

As the best optometrist across Melbourne, we can tell you that your vision, and indeed the health problems that can affect your eyesight, are as much about mental processes as physical ones. When eyesight deteriorates, it is often because of a particular habit or behaviour we are exhibiting that we have failed to address. As we get older, our ability to process visual information can often decrease. We no longer make the vital connections between our neural pathways and our focal organs that enable us to see clearly.

Our Goal as Optometrists

With this understanding in mind, we would like to invite you to come and see how our optometrists in Melbourne can help you retain and improve your eyesight with healthy, science-backed techniques. Our practice was founded by Dr Michael Christian, who has been a leading Melbourne’s optometrist for over two decades. Under Dr Christian’s guidance, we have been at the forefront of vision improvement in the area, not just in terms of the number of patients we have treated but, in our ability to significantly reduce prescriptions.

Our goal has not been to simply offer corrective measures to our customers but to improve their vision, reduce discomfort and eye strain and offer an alternative to the inevitable worsening sight that can come with repeat prescriptions. Healthy eyesight isn’t just about the integrity of your eye but about mental stability, self-confidence, and physical health to support your visual processes. That’s why our optometrist specialists in Melbourne offers therapeutic treatments that look at your health as a whole and how your personal habits can aid or detract from healthy vision.

We Don’t Just Correct the Problem – We Aim to Improve Your Eyesight

By visiting the optometristat Microprism Optics, you are guaranteed the very best in eye care. Established by Dr Michael Christian, our practice is regarded as having the best optometrist Melbourne has available. We’re a leading light in vision improvement, not just for the number of patients we have treated, but for our ability to significantly reduce prescriptions to ensure better vision.

This is achieved through a range of cutting-edge assessments that are designed to look at your health as a whole and identify the habitual behaviours that impact your vision. We then solve the problems with a range of relaxing but highly effective therapeutic treatments.

How Our Optometrist in Melbourne Can Help You

Whether you need a behavioural optometrist for children or adults, Microprism Optics can provide solutions to change and alleviate your specific conditions.

Our therapeutic optometrist in Melbourne can assist patients with many different conditions, including dyslexia, lazy eye treatment, stress, fatigue, headaches, learning difficulties, vertigo, glare and vision anomalies. In addition to a basic eye test in Melbourne, our clinic offers an extensive range of services, some of which include:

  • Neuro-Rehabilitative Optometry – Aims to strengthen neurological pathways affected by concussion, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, closed brain injuries and other neurological diseases
  • Behavioural Optometry – A behavioural optometrist deals with vision problems caused or exacerbated by dyslexia and concentration disorders by changing spatial perspective with appropriate lenses
  • Holistic Optometry – Addresses how posture, movement, balance and emotional states can cause vision anomalies
  • Integrative Quantum Optometry – Application of quantum principles to optometry that uses tailored lens and prism combinations to enhance vision
  • Retinal Photography and Optical Coherence Tomography– State-of-the-art technologies that can identify and diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma and other conditions
  • Nutritional Advice – Reliable advice (based on nutrition qualification) and recommendations on how to improve your eye health with healthy nutritional habits

The Latest in Assessment & Treatment

We treat the whole range of eye conditions, from poor vision and issues with your cataracts to strabismus and lazy eye treatment. We don’t expect you to be an expert in ophthalmology, nor will we send you away without getting closer to understanding the reasons you might be experiencing trouble with your eyesight. A visit with our eye doctor will be like no other time you have visited an optician, and we’re sure you’ll come away with a new understanding of your eyesight and the good habits you can cultivate in order to improve it.

Our initial eye test in Melbourne will be an assessment of your eye functionality before we get further into eye examinations. We will take you through our basic tests, then get further into diagnostics and assessment so we can get a complete understanding of the reasons your eyes are functioning the way they do. These will include functional optometry, corneal topography and a process called kinesiology, which looks at ways your muscles are contributing to any difficulties you are experiencing.

We can then get into a wide variety of treatments. These can include:

  • Virtual Reality Therapy. This is an advanced therapy tool we call Vivid Vision. It is a completely immersive technique that combines both virtual reality and established visual therapy methods. We use 3D imaging to put you in a virtual landscape and give you games and activities to help treat any convergence insufficiency which is affecting your ability to focus. Sometimes, convergence insufficiency is undetected by schools, but through our therapy, we can see where the insufficiency lies and find ways of improving your vision.
  • Bioptron Light Therapy. The field of light therapy is still an exciting emerging technology, and we are pleased to use this light therapy with coloured filters, which can help our patients to relax and rejuvenate their vision.
  • Microprism Prismatic Integration. This is a further example of light therapy, which is designed to “massage” your eyes so that they work with our micro prism lenses. It allows your eyes to adjust to these lenses, proper alignment ensuring and reducing the need for higher prescriptions. Prismatic integration works on a very deep level, understanding, as our eye specialists do, that it is not just your eyes that are adjusting but the ways you are subconsciously processing what you see.
  • Corrective Eyewear and Contacts. Along with our prism glasses, we will offer you a full range of contact lenses, whether you prefer dailies for more complex RGP lens prescriptions. We also have a huge variety of stylish and durable frames for you to choose from, all of which have a warranty and a great service option for whenever you need to repair or replace them.

Each of these treatments will be selected carefully following a complete assessment of your health in general. It is important for us to get to the root of the problem before we treat you so that we can ensure you are receiving the most personalised care possible.

Choose our Optometrist in Melbourne for the Very Best in Eye Care

Our vision is powered by some of the most complicated physical and mental processes. And how well we see can be affected by many things, both internal and external. Sometimes, we may not realise we have a problem with our eyes until it is identified by a qualified practitioner.

At Microprism Optics in Melbourne, our optometrist specialist is trained to recognise any abnormalities in your eyes. By examining both the internal and external structure of the eyes, we can detect conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. We not only use standard tests to assess your ability to focus and coordinate your eyes and see colours and depth, but we also understand that your eyesight can be affected by your habits and behaviour. We choose to look at vision in a holistic way.

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Though our optometrist in Melbourne based, we service all over the country and even abroad. When you first come to us, we will ask you for a complete history of your health, leaving nothing out so that we can identify any issues that might have informed your problems and vision. We will perform a one-hour consultation, and we’ll start looking into options for treatment.

You can begin your eye rehabilitation today simply by asking a few questions. We always have our chat client on the website that you can discuss your issues with, you can message us on any of our social media channels, or you can book an appointment with our eye doctor through our dedicated online appointment scheduler or via our telephone number. If you are having issues with your eyes, don’t delay. We can help you take control of your eye health today! Read Less


Dr Michael Christian

BSc(Hons) Bachelor of Science (Honours)

BSc(Optom) Bachelor of Science in Optometry

PhD Doctorate of Philosophy

IMD Doctorate in Integrative Medicine

DHS Doctorate of Humanitarian Services – Honorary

SCClnLead Specialist Certificate in Clinical Leadership

AHPRA Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency

Board of Optometry

BOIM Board of Integrative Medicine – North America

WONM World Organisation of Natural Medicine

OAA Optometrists Association of Australia – Member

ACO Australian College of Optometry – Member

ACBO Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry – Member

IICT International Institute of Complementary Therapies – Member

Dr Michael Christian has been a practising optometrist for over 25 years and has a PhD in the integration of vision, mind and body. His aim is to improve the vision of children and adults using a holistic approach to remedy conditions by naturally training the eyes rather than having to undergo surgery. He specializes in behavioural optometry which looks at addressing the root cause of vision anomalies and disorders that arise from biological changes to the eyes. Dr Michael and his team apply the integration of vision, mind and body aimed at improving the functional dynamics of the eyes. These include functions such as focusing, aiming, movement, visual processing and the effect of vision on the body’s ability to perform regular tasks.

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Our aims

Our aims

Assess & treat eye health & vision in a holistic, integrated way.

Our aims

Personalise prescriptions to activate, integrate and motivate.

Our aims

Improve vision with activating, supportive prescriptions.

Our aims

Increase coordination, energy and performance.

Our aims

Open up new states of perception and awareness.

Our aims

Fine tune your vision, mind and body to improve wellbeing and function.


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