Total eye care for childrens and Adults

Dr Michael Christian



BSc(Hons)  Bachelor of Science (Honours)

BSc(Optom)  Bachelor of Science in Optometry

PhD Doctorate of Philosophy

IMD Doctorate in Integrative Medicine 

DHS Doctorate of Humanitarian Services – Honorary 

SCClnLead Specialist Certificate in Clinical Leadership



AHPRA Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency

Board of Optometry 

BOIM Board of Integrative Medicine – North America

WONM World Organisation of Natural Medicine



OAA Optometrists Association of Australia – Member

ACO Australian College of Optometry – Member

ACBO Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry – Member 

IICT International Institute of Complementary Therapies – Member

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  • Comprehensive Eye Examination
  • Precise Prescriptions Guaranteed
  • 100% Quality Eyewear Clinic
  • Best Contact Lenses
  • Personalised Service Guaranteed
  • Expert Solution for Eye Care
  • 100% Local & Australian Owned
  • High-Tech Lenses
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  • No Compromise on Vision
  • Eye tests with panoramic views of Melbourne

Our aims

Our aims

Assess & treat eye health & vision in a holistic, integrated way.

Our aims

Personalise prescriptions to activate, integrate and motivate.

Our aims

Improve vision with activating, supportive prescriptions.

Our aims

Increase coordination, energy and performance.

Our aims

Open up new states of perception and awareness.

Our aims

Fine tune your vision, mind and body to improve wellbeing and function.

Microprism Optics − Behavioural Optometrist in Melbourne

Microprism Optics can provide prism glasses and other corrective solutions that are designed to enhance your vision and improve your wellbeing. Our holistic optometrist in Melbourne offers solutions that promote neuroplasticity and muscle memory, with the aim of improving your natural vision and reducing your prescription over time. This has the added benefit of alleviating various vision-related conditions. Discover what our clinic in South Yarra, Victoria can do for you.



Our therapeutic optometrist can assist patients with many different conditions, including dyslexia, lazy eye, stress, fatigue, headaches, learning difficulties, vertigo, glare and vision anomalies. In addition to a basic eye test and eye assessment, our clinic offers an extensive range of services, some of which include:

    • Neuro-Rehabilitative Optometry – Aims to strengthen neurological pathways affected by concussion, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, closed brain injuries and other neurological diseases


    • Behavioural Optometry – A behavioural optometrist deals with vision problems caused or exacerbated by dyslexia and concentration disorders by changing spatial perspective with appropriate lenses


    • Holistic Optometry – Addresses how posture, movement, balance and emotional states can cause vision anomalies


    • Integrative Quantum Optometry – Application of quantum principles to ophthalmic optics uses tailored lens and prism combinations to enhance vision


    • Retinal Photography and Optical Coherence Tomography– State-of-the-art technologies that can identify and diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma and other conditions


  • Nutritional Advice – Reliable advice (based on nutrition qualification) and recommendations on how to improve your eye health with healthy nutritional habits



Prism glasses that are configured to support your needs can have profoundly positive benefits. They can exercise eyes consciously and unconsciously, encouraging muscle movement and redirecting visual sensory disturbances. By changing how the eye muscles work, it might be possible to restore your natural vision partially or in full and improve other problems such as body posture, balance and movement.



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