Prescription Contact Lenses

Comfortable Contact Lenses for Everyday Wear

At Microprism Optics, in addition to offering prescription prism glasses, we also stock a large range of contact lenses. We stock contact lenses by Bausch and Lomb as well as CooperVision which cater to a variety of specific eye conditions. All contact lenses we provide to our patients are from trusted brands who design their contact lenses with the health of the eyes in mind.

Quality Contact Lenses for Eye Health

Eyes need oxygen and adequate moisture to stay healthy. CooperVision and Bausch and Lomb have a selection of contact lenses to optimise the environment of the eyeball. Our knowledgeable behavioural optometrist, Dr Michael Christian, can help you choose the correct contact lenses for your eyes after you sit an eye examination. We offer disposable contact lenses as well as RGPs (Rigid Gas Permeables).

Contact Lenses for Different Eye Conditions

Bausch and Lomb have a comprehensive product range which includes contact lenses for those who are short-sighted or long-sighted, those with astigmatism, and those with presbyopia. Within these broad categories, there are contact lenses for specific preferences such as for working with digital devices, for reducing halos and glare in low light, or for sharper vision and all-day comfort.

Please note that while microprism glasses can be worn with contact lenses, the contact lenses we offer do not have prisms in them, nor do they offer the therapeutic benefit of microprism technologies. They are, however, high-quality and comfortable contact lenses that could play a role in improving your vision.

Need Comfortable Contact Lenses? Call Microprism Optics

We offer a great variety of contact lenses from trusted brands such as CooperVision and Bausch and Lomb. These contact lenses can benefit a range of eye conditions, including short-sight, long-sight, astigmatism and presbyopia. For the best quality contact lenses, give us a call on (03) 9606 0330 to book an appointment.


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