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Eye Conditions Treated at Microprism Optics − Lazy Eye and More

At Microprism Optics, we have the knowledge and technology to treat a large range of eye difficulties. From lazy eye to cross eye and strabismus treatment, we see patients for a wide variety of eye conditions. We also offer other services such as vision performance, as well as recuperation treatments after surgery or stroke.

We can help patients of varying ages at our Docklands clinic. Some eye problems are prevalent in younger patients, from babies to toddlers and children. Other conditions tend to progress over time and more commonly affect adults. Whatever the age of the patient, our behavioural optometrist can help, beginning with a thorough eye test to check the behaviour and strength of the eye muscles.


Lazy Eye, Cross Eye and Strabismus Treatment

During an eye examination, conditions such as lazy eye, cross eye and strabismus are sure to show themselves. Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step to getting the right treatment. Corrections for some eye conditions, especially in children, need to be implemented as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the eye. Strabismus treatment should begin in children as soon as the diagnosis has taken place to avoid the development of lazy eye in the misaligned eye.


The Difference a Behavioural Optometrist Makes

It’s useful to seek expertise from a behavioural optometrist rather than a conventional optometrist because they go further when diagnosing eye problems. At Microprism Optics, our approach is holistic and takes into account eye functioning as a whole. We do not isolate the eyes in our eye tests − we appraise both eyes at once in order to treat your vision as it is: a whole, dynamic entity.


Discover the Latest Innovations in Lazy Eye, Cross Eye and Strabismus Treatment

Our behavioural optometrist uses the latest ground-breaking scientific approaches such as neuroplasticity to craft effective treatments for a variety of eye conditions. If you need lazy eye, cross eye or strabismus treatment, call our Docklands clinic for an appointment on (03) 9606 0330.



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