Blue Light Blocking Prescription Glasses

A blue light hazard can come from a range of objects used daily, such as phones, tablets and computers. In today’s technological era, it has become common for people to stare at computer screens for extended periods of time and then use portable devices late into the night. Users then wonder why they feel like they haven’t slept a wink the next day.

What’s more concerning is that these same people could be experiencing blue light macular degeneration without even realising it. Prolonged exposure can even lead to blue light cataracts in time. Fortunately, eye damage may be stopped in its tracks with blue light protection glasses. These offer a blocking shield so that any LED lights or blue light emitting devices won’t damage your eyes.

Our Blue Light Blocking Prescription Glasses Are Different

There are a lot of different kinds of protective glasses for blocking blue light available on the market –especially online. They are marketed as the ideal solution for those seeking blue light protection glasses designed at combating eye fatigue. But most of these are made for a generalist population. These cheap blue light glasses certainly will not offer the customisation for blocking blue light like the custom prescription glasses that we offer at Microprism Optics. Our specialist behavioural optometrist conducts a full eye examination to ascertain the correct level of filtration required for your blue light prescription glasses so that you can experience greater levels of eye comfort.

Experience Better Protection

Blue light cancelling glasses are a great invention, but they’re only as good as their quality. As always, wearing glasses that are not custom-made for your eyes can pose problems. Especially if you have particular eye conditions that need attention.

If you’re concerned about the damaging effects of blue light to your eyes, book an appointment with Microprism Optics for prescription blue light cancelling glasses that are custom designed to suit your eyes. And if you’re not a fan of glasses, we can also offer contact lenses too.

Protect Your Precious Eyes from Blue Light Damage Today

Don’t waste your money on generic blue light glasses that aren’t designed to address your specific eye condition. Come to Microprism Optics, where we can provide customized prescription glasses or contact lenses that will protect your eyes from fatigue and the damaging effects of blue light. Call us today on (03) 9606 0330 to make an appointment with our specialist behavioural optometrist.


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