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Vision anomalies and disorders are commonly associated with biological causes, such as changes to the health and structure of the eyeball. However, they can also be caused and exacerbated by behavioural habits and conditions

At Microprism Optics, our experienced optometrist in Melbourne can assess patients in Melbourne of all ages who have vision problems requiring correction. We apply quantum physics (biological application) to optometry and deliver solutions that are tailored to your needs. The opticians at our Docklands clinic are well qualified to assist in frame, lens selection and optical appliance dispensing with special Integrative activities that complement the optometric consultation and prescribing.

Conditions Paediatric Optometrist Can Treat

This type of optometry can treat various children’s eye conditions, including:

  • Lazy eyes
  • Eye motor control issues
  • Developmental delays
  • Reading difficulties
  • Acquired brain injuries

How Optometry Can Help Children

Children who struggle with learning to read and write or concentrate at school might have a problem with their vision. Our Paediatric optometrist in Melbourne can assist children by assessing their visual capabilities and planning a vision therapy program that is suited to their individual requirements and age group.

During therapy, we take note of their visual skills, including eye tracking, eye teaming, eye focusing and visual perception. We will help your child to develop their vision skills, allowing them to reach their full potential at school and with extracurricular activities. Read More

Let Our Paediatric Optometrist Improve Your Child’s Eyesight

Watching a child develop is one of the greatest pleasures in life. From their first interactions with colours and shapes to the time they bring home that treasured work of art from school, there is an enormous amount of inspiration to be drawn from how they see the world. But, just like all aspects of child development, their vision can sometimes suffer from ill health, something which can be a source of anxiety for parents.

Every paediatric optometrist should be making the reduction of this anxiety their primary goal. We need to be making parents comfortable with the fact that kids’ eyes are always developing and that even if sometimes that development goes astray, there are always ways to rectify it. Our job is to identify the cause of the problem, not merely to temporarily correct your child’s vision. And finally, above all, a kids’ optometrist should be encouraging your child towards healthy habits to keep their eyes in good condition.

Eye Doctors for Children: Supporting Your Child’s Ocular Health

Our founder, Dr Michael Christian, has been a practising optometrist in Melbourne for more than two decades and has developed techniques to improve your child’s vision in a way that puts them at their ease. Whether your child is suffering from colour blindness, strabismus, or poor vision, our prism lenses are designed to build up strength in the muscles around their eyes and cultivate neuroplasticity in order to help rehabilitate their vision.

One of the features of our service that marks us out over other paediatric eye doctors in the area is our ability to use advanced technology to help restore our alignment and healthy cognition when it comes to eyesight. We call it Vivid Vision, a virtual environment that can improve performance by:

  • Tracking visual acuity
  • Assessing eye movement and focus
  • Helping you develop peripheral awareness
  • Developing depth perception and coordination.

We’ve also got a wide range of fun and funky frames for kids so that they don’t feel self-conscious if they do end up wearing glasses. Our prism glasses are made to exercise your child’s eyes rather than make them lazy like traditional eye glasses in Melbourne and can be customised to block out the blue light if your child is often in front of a screen.

Book Your Child to See a Paediatric Eye Specialist Today!

The trust required to place your child’s health in the hands of the doctor is enormous, and it is something we are privileged to receive every day. It’s also why we prefer to operate in an open and honest way so that you, as a parent, know exactly what is happening with your child’s eyes and what the next step can be. You should know that whatever treatment we suggest is ultimately down to you, and we will only proceed as and when you and your child are comfortable. Furthermore, we are sure that your young one will soon feel right at home with our paediatric eye specialist in Melbourne!

Whatever issues they might have, whatever concerns you would like us to address, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get started. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call, send us a message online or book your appointment today with our online booking form. Give us as much detail as you are comfortable with, and we will advise you accordingly. We will look forward to hearing from you soon! Read Less


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