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Vivid Vision therapy for Strabismus

What is Vision Therapy for Strabismus?

Drawing on scientific theories of brain neuroplasticity, Microprism Optics works with the innovative methods of Vivid Vision Virtual Reality to offer vision therapy for strabismus at our Docklands clinic. It’s essential to begin vision therapy as soon as possible after diagnosis, especially in children. When convergent strabismus is left untreated, it can cause lazy eye in the misaligned eye due to that eye becoming weaker out of disuse.

There are a range of holistic behavioural optometry interventions that can be used to naturally and permanently treat strabismus and convergence insufficiency. Some of our patients may be prescribed prism glasses, while others may be advised to practice vision therapy exercises for strabismus.

Are You in Need of Vision Therapy for Strabismus?

Childhood is a crucial time when it comes to how our eyes develop, and it is not uncommon for them to grow abnormally and need correction. Whilst this can be inconvenient in most ways, visible problems like strabismus can have a catastrophic effect on a child’s confidence.

Misaligned eyes can often result in low self-esteem and anxiety, in addition to problems associated with strabismus when it comes to strain and depth perception. Ultimately, strabismus requires psychological care as well as optometry.

It’s for this reason that anyone offering vision therapy for strabismus should have a good understanding of not just how to treat eye misalignment but how to offer pastoral care to those who come to them to help. Those who have grown up with the condition will likely have created all kinds of personal adaptations. Read More

Understanding & Sympathy

As optometrists in Melbourne, it is our job to offer our patients comfort, consolation and the space to grow in confidence, as well as vision therapy to treat strabismus. You will have undoubtedly discovered ways to adapt to the problems of depth perception that you may also have developed potentially harmful views of yourself in order to cope with poor self-image. Over the 25 years that we have been offering treatment for this condition, we have developed proven techniques to inspire self-confidence and trust in our therapy. Crucially, anyone who comes to us understands that their eye health and mental health are in good hands.

Around 5% of all children suffer from strabismus, and it is important to correct these issues early on to limit any psychological impact of the condition. It’s for this reason that our clinicians are experienced in both the treatment of children as well as adults. We treat strabismus with vision therapy rather than invasive procedures, using state-of-the-art techniques to retrain your eyes and retrain your brain at the same time. This treatment includes:

  • A complete analysis of your eye condition, looking at how your eyes have adapted to misalignment and how your brain has sought to compensate. This non-invasive eye examination can offer insight into what kind of treatment may be required.
  • A number of exercises and strengthening techniques to address convergent insufficiency and cross-eyes to improve alignment and perception.
  • Treatment for the wider symptoms of strabismus including strain, vision blurring, double vision and the headaches that come as a result of eyestrain.
  • Our cutting edge prism technology, based on neuro rehabilitative optometry that improves neuroplasticity and brain functioning so that, as your eyes realign, your cognitive functions improve as well.
  • Virtual reality treatment, using games and activities to strengthen and realign your eyes, offering a comfortable and non-invasive way of supporting natural recovery.

Book Your First Consultation for Vision Therapy to Treat Strabismus Today!

We want to assure you that you will be in the safest of hands when it comes to the treatment of your condition. We start with a simple consultation to take a look at your eyes and a discussion about what kind of care you would like before moving on to how our vision therapy exercises for strabismus can improve your condition.

For now, all you need to do is get in touch with us to arrange your first appointment. You can do it any way that you feel most comfortable, either have a chat with one of our service agents online, go through our online enquiry form, or, if you would feel more comfortable talking person-to-person, you can give us a call right now. Book your appointment today, and we’ll look forward to welcoming you to our clinic! Read Less


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