“I just hope that more people try your software because it’s amazing. All of a sudden, it’s like BAM! I’m seeing 3D.” – Betsy Yaros

What is Vivid Vision?

Vivid Vision is the most advanced vision therapy tool on the market, combining the latest in virtual reality with tried and true vision therapy techniques.

  • No more monotony

Experience full immersion in a large variety of virtual reality landscapes.

  • Less repetition

Games and activites that adjust to your skill level so you always feel challenged.

  • Goodbye boredom

Vision Therapy doesn’t have to be a chore! Treatment delivered through games and activites that are fun and engaging.


What is convergence insufficiency?

Convergence insufficiency occurs when your eyes team together while looking at a close object, such as a book.

Facts about convergence insufficiency

Convergence insufficiency is often undetected in school eye exams.

Parents and teachers may mistake it for a learning disability due to the child’s difficulty reading.

A person can pass a 20/20 eye chart test and still have convergence insufficiency.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms may include eye strain, short attention span, headaches, double vision, words moving on a page, and ghosting of images. It is not unusual for patients with convergence insufficiency to cover or close one eye while reading.

What is the age range for Vivid Vision therapy?

Your doctor will determine whether Vivid Vision is right for you or your child. Clinics in general are starting children on Vivid Vision as young as 5 years of age.

What makes Vivid Vision special?

Vivid Vision is the most advanced vision therapy tool on the market. Designed from the ground up by doctors and researchers.

How long is the treatment duration?

Treatment times vary from patient to patient. Every binocular vision disorder patient is unique, and your doctor will determine the appropriate duration of treatment.


“Vivid Vision… will help us change more lives, more PROFOUNDLY and MORE EFFICIENTLY than ever before!”

Dr. Paul Harris, Prof. of Optometry, Southern College of Optometry

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