What is Strabismus & Convergence Insufficiency?

Strabismus is a word that means while one eye looks at the object you want to view, the other eye looks elsewhere. When the misaligned eye looks inward, it’s called esotropia, or crossed eyes in colloquial terms.

A specific example of esotropia that occurs intermittently is strabismus & convergence excess. In this case, the eyes may converge well enough to focus on an object in the distance, but may have trouble aligning to concentrate on a closer subject.

When reading, a person with strabismus, or turned eye convergence iexcess, may experience painful and inconvenient symptoms. These symptoms might include eye strain, blurring of vision, double vision and even headaches. Usually the brain will ignore the visual information coming from a misaligned eye, which can itself cause problems such as lazy eye. But when a person with convergent strabismus tries to focus on something at short range, this causes a conflict in the visual information being processed by the brain, and the visual images become confused.


Is There Vision Therapy for Strabismus?

Drawing on scientific theories of brain neuroplasticity, Microprism Optics works with the innovative methods of Vivid Vision Virtual Reality to offer vision therapy for strabismus at our South Yarra clinic. It’s essential to begin vision therapy as soon as possible after diagnosis, especially in children. When convergent strabismus is left untreated, it can cause lazy eye in the misaligned eye due to that eye becoming weaker out of disuse.

There are a range of holistic behavioural optometry interventions that can be used to treat strabismus & convergence insufficiency. Some of our patients may be prescribed prism glasses, while others may be advised to do vision therapy exercises for strabismus.


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Our speciality behavioural optometrist, Dr Michael Christian PhD, has extensive experience in putting the latest scientific neuroplasticity theories into practice. Combining this with cutting-edge prism technology, he works to help improve convergent strabismus symptoms in his patients. If you have strabismus & convergence insufficiency, or any other eye difficulty, call our South Yarra clinic today for a thorough eye examination on (03) 9824 5431.


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