Prescription Glasses from a Behavioural Optometrist

A behavioural optometrist works slightly differently than a regular optometrist looking at the relationship of behaviour to vision: to help your eyes recover from years of strain and improper use by retraining the eye muscles and sensory systems.

Making the most of the integration of body and vision such as prism insertions and Essilor progressive lenses, behavioural optometry can dispense prescription glasses with a difference. Using accepted and proven scientific principles of neuroplasticity, the extrapolation to ophthalmic prescribing, may actually improve your eyesight.


What Kind of Prescription Glasses Do I Need?

Essilor progressive prism lens glasses can lead to some very balanced and integrated visual care. But how do you know which kind of lenses you need?

Your optometrist will conduct a thorough eye examination. Not only do we look at individual eyes for eye chart eye chart purposes but their interaction binocularly with body posture, balance and movement . This is because you do more with your eyes than look at one gaze position. We’re interested in the holistic behavioural tendencies of your eyes. These eye patterns are so linked with the rest of the body that they can have an effect on concentration, balance and even emotional processing.

Once we have taken you through a comprehensive eye exam at our Docklands clinic, we will have all the information we need to advise you on the kind of lenses that will help your eyes. We may recommend Essilor glasses or even glasses with a prism lens.


How We Can Help with Our Unique Prescription Glasses

You might find benefit from our prescription glasses if you:

  • Struggle with using bifocals but need glasses that cater for focusing at different space intervals – Essilor glasses are ideal for this.
  • Would like glasses with an anti-reflective coating for easier driving in the dark – Essilor glasses can come with a Crizal coating to eliminate all reflections.
  • Have been diagnosed with presbyopia (blurring in near vision) – Essilor glasses are a great choice.
  • Are a child or adult with learning difficulties relating to binocular vision issues – Glasses with a prism lens may help you.
  • Have suffered a brain injury or stroke and have vision issues as a result – A prism lens pair of glasses may help retrain your brain and aid your recovery.
  • Are struggling with your vision or current prescription glasses and would like a more holistic opinion – We’ll conduct an eye test to see what lenses would better suit your eyes.

Get Prescription Glasses with a Difference

As our practice is based on the discipline of behavioural optometry, we’re interested in the holistic behaviour of the eye. We aim to retrain the eye using the proven scientific theories of neuroplasticity and the modern technological advances in optometry that have produced the prism lens. If you’re ready for an Integrative approach in eye care, book in for an eye examination in Docklands with our specialist behavioural optometrist Dr Michael Christian PhD today. Call us now on (03) 9606 0330 to book an appointment.


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