The intention of Microprism lens formulations are to support and facilitate eye muscle movement whilst activating the optical, motor and sensory systems to change. Lenses focus the detail and clarity of any object at any given distance and directional prisms relocate the space and timing of what is being focussed on. Together the lenses and prisms aim to change eye muscle function, position, shape and subsequently vision. Distance, near, perspective and astigmatic issues are treated simultaneously to help bring eye position, vision, mind and body function into ease and correct alignment.

Each Microprism lens is uniquely derived and manufactured for each patient. Redirecting visual inabilities and fixed patterns using Microprism intends to improve vision and lower prescriptions.

Our prescription eyeglasses worn daily, are non-invasive eye training tools that aim to help the wearer do daily tasks with ease, exercising the eyes consciously and subconsciously.


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