Color Eye Exam

Of all the problems that can develop when it comes to vision, colour blindness is perhaps the most publicly misunderstood. It isn’t a simple case of colours getting mixed up, and it isn’t always true that people are born with it. Sometimes colour blindness can be a slight, barely perceptible problem, and it can also be something that is acquired through poor health or even certain side effects from medication.

Do You Need a Colour Blind Exam?

If you are experiencing changes in colour perception, we urge you to come in for a colour eye exam. As vision and eye specialists in Melbourne, we are passionate about understanding your eye health and how your lifestyle, personal habits and underlying health conditions have an effect on your colour perception. Our tests are designed to delve deep into the reasons for colour blindness and how you can reduce its impact on your life or those of your loved ones. Whether you have only just begun to notice the problem or you have suffered from defective colour perception all your life, we can help! Read More

Color Blind Test: Improving Your Vision Intelligently

Whilst there have been many technological breakthroughs and new research into how vision works, there are many optometrists that still use outdated methods to improve eyesight. Often, they don’t even bother improving it and seek merely to maintain what is there. We like to do things differently and have put together a cutting-edge service that looks at all aspects to do with vision and its treatment.

When you come in for a colour blind test, we will assess every aspect of your vision. Our eye exam in Melbourne involve assessments that cover:

  • Neurological behaviour – we can make deductions about the physiological habits of your vision through something called Kinesiology, a study of the muscles around your eye.
  • Functional optometry – this takes a wide look at your health in general, especially useful if you have only started recently noticing changes in colour perception.
  • Optical coherence tomography – where we can take a 3D image of your eye to make a complete model of what is going on.
  • Light therapy – where we use different types of light and coloured filters to help relax and invigorate your vision so that we can begin to re-train some of the processes that go into observing colour.

Book Your Colour Deficiency Test Today!

Whether you’ve always had an issue with discerning colours or whether you’ve only just started to have issues, we are ready to offer you our help. When you book an appointment with us, we will bring you in for a one-hour conversation about your health and your medical history. Once we have an understanding of how your health and medical history might have affected your vision, we will undertake a few non-invasive assessments to see the condition of your eyes. From there, we can begin offering treatments that suit your requirements.

But before we can start all that, we’d like to hear from you. You can make an informal enquiry on the telephone or via our messaging service, even get in touch with us on our social media streams. Then, when you’re ready to take the next step, use our online enquiry form to make your color eye test booking, offering as much detail about your issues as possible. We will then look forward to meeting you here at our clinic! Read Less


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