Colorimetry Glasses for Relieving Visual Stress & Dyslexia

Microprism Optics has had much success with colorimetry glasses (also known as dyslexia glasses) and coloured overlays. Many of our patients have experienced a substantial improvement in their comfort and speed with reading and comprehension.

All tinted reading glasses and precision tinted lenses prescribed by our optometrist following a colorimetry assessment are tinted at our special purpose lab, along with any refractive prescription when necessary.

What Are They?

Colorimetry glasses are prescribed coloured glasses or coloured overlays that can ease any perceived visual distortions the patient experiences. This special type of reading glasses removes the visual stress someone with dyslexia experiences in order to improve their ability to read.

How Do They Help with Visual Stress and Dyslexia?

Certain reading difficulties have been associated with dyslexia or visual stress, which is also known as Irlen Syndrome. One common treatment an optometrist may recommend for relieving dyslexia and visual stress experienced when reading is prescribing the patient either tinted reading glasses that include precision tinted lenses or coloured overlays. Please note that visual stress is a different condition to dyslexia, although a patient can experience them simultaneously.

Signs of Visual Stress

  • Words on a page move, wobble, overlap or are blurred
  • Shapes appear on the page
  • The print hurts the eyes
  • Rubbing the eyes while reading
  • The white on the page is very bright
  • The reader’s eyes jump between lines
  • The reader finds it hard to keep track of what they’re reading

Test and Assessment

A colorimetry test will determine what colour tinted reading glasses have to be prescribed. A lightbox containing coloured filters is used to find the specific colour and density that should be used for the precision tinted lenses in the tinted glasses. The assessment of a patient’s visual stress usually comprises of pattern glare tests, an overlay screening, and using an intuitive colorimeter.

How Behavioural Optometry Helps

  • Stops vision and eye issues from developing
  • Delivers treatment for vision problems the patient already has
  • Helps to develop a person’s visual abilities for when they’re in a classroom, workplace, playing sport or using a computer

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