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For many people, deteriorating sight is just one of the signs of aging. It might be that you have always had to wear glasses or contact lenses and year on year have had to level up your prescription, or you have experienced a decline as you edge closer to old age.

Looking for an Optometrist in Docklands?

But our optometrists in Docklands don’t believe any health condition should be just accepted, especially one as important as our capacity for eyesight. Our eyesight is affected by more than just natural wear and ignoring changes in how we see is ignoring signs of other potential health risks such as undetected injury, mental health problems or diabetes. Read More

Our Mission as Eye Specialists in Docklands

Unlike opticians of the past, our eye doctors in Docklands recognise the warning signs that poor ocular health sends out. We act on what is observed, seeking to improve your sight rather than cover the problem until your next appointment. This approach is founded on over two decades of work in the field of eye health, with a well-researched understanding of how general health can impact your eyesight.

Our mission is to improve your vision and reduce your reliance on prescriptions or at least improve their efficiency. With our help, you will find relief from the discomfort of eye strain, a reduction of the self-consciousness that comes from eye problems and a greater mental, as well as visual clarity. We see eye treatment as a therapy that concentrates on the whole person, not just a patch-up job on your eyes.

Optometrist Services We Offer near Docklands

We’ve put together a range of services that combine everything you could need to enhance your vision, regardless of how poor your sight is. These include:

  • Neuro-rehabilitative therapy to better integrate your brain and optic processes, even with severe conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and other degenerative diseases.
  • Therapy that focuses on neuroplasticity, that is, how your brain can adapt and change to new information and new processes. This builds neural pathways to create a more optimal use of your eye muscles and cognition, resulting in better vision.
  • Vivid Vision, our cutting-edge virtual therapy software that simulates immersive landscapes and vision-strengthening challenges.
  • Light therapy, using a variety of therapeutic light techniques and colour filters to soothe and “massage” your eyes and reinvigorate the inner eye.
  • Prism glasses, our prescription glasses that are designed by specifications of Dr Michael Christian’s own theories Quantum Ophthalmic Optics. This draws from the quantum field theory and marries it with the science of neuroplasticity.

We also carry out an exhaustive scope of different assessments and examinations, not just of the eye itself but of every aspect of your life that contributes to poor eye health.

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Whatever your eyesight issues, we are sure that our eye specialist in Docklands can find the right treatment for you. Your journey towards better eyesight will start with an hour-long eye test and a consultation where we will look at your complete medical history so we can really understand all aspects of your health that might contribute to poor eyesight. From then on, we will start looking at options for treatment and put you on the road towards better vision.

All you need to get started is to fill out one of our enquiry forms or get in touch with our online messenger, where we will gladly offer you advice and insight into our services. Let us know as much detail about your problems with vision and, when you are ready, fill out our online form to book an appointment with our Optometrist near Docklands today! Read Less


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