Vision Therapy

At Microprism Optics, we take a holistic approach to eye health and function using innovative practical and diagnostic methods. Our eye vision therapy use cutting-edge technology to correctly diagnose behavioural challenges in the eyes.

The initial consultation and eye test will usually involve a dynamic visual assessment, photography of the eye with a retinal camera, optical coherence tomography and corneal topography. Sometimes a pressure test and applied kinesiology are also used to identify muscle issues that may be contributing to eye problems. Kinesiology offers a way to ‘talk’ to the body through muscle testing in order to find the areas that are experiencing difficulty.

What is Vision Therapy?

Does your child have perfect vision and still seems to struggle in school? Are you experiencing symptoms like double vision and headaches after reading? These are common issues that can be treated with vision therapy. Microprism Optics is a provider of vision therapy in Melbourne, and we’re here to help you figure out if this is something that could be useful for you or your child. Read More

What does Eye Therapy Treat

Eye therapy is a well-researched treatment option used to improve brain-eye communication and visual skills in both children and adults. This can be used to treat a number of different problems that affect people even with 20/20 vision. There can be nothing physically wrong with your vision and you can still lack the visual skills that make things like reading and writing easy. This kind of therapy takes the form of a personalised treatment program that varies greatly in length depending on the individual. It utilises vision exercises along with equipment like lenses, prisms, filters and occluders to improve skills like eye-tracking, focusing, convergence, eye-hand coordination, visual processing speed and more.

Who Can Benefit from Eye Vision Therapy

Eye therapy in Melbourne is most commonly used to help children experiencing difficulties in school improve their academic performance. If your child struggles with reading or comprehension but you’ve been told there’s nothing wrong with their vision and they don’t have a learning disorder, it might just be that they lack the visual skills required to perform well academically. Common signs of a child struggling with their visual skills include reading, comprehension and spelling difficulties, messy handwriting, difficulties concentrating and poor depth perception.

However, adults can benefit too! If you experience symptoms like headaches or tiredness after reading, double vision, poor hand-eye coordination, dizziness, finger-pointing while reading and closing or covering one eye, you could greatly benefit from improving your visual skills. It can be hard to know something is wrong when you’ve never known anything different, but if tasks like reading and writing have always been difficult for you, chances are you could get rid of those struggles with therapy.

Common conditions that can be helped by eye vision therapy include:

  • Convergence insufficiency
  • Lazy eye
  • Cross-eyed
  • Visual perception and processing difficulties

The Benefits of Vision Therapy

Improving your visual skills is likely to have a hugely positive impact on your life. You can improve your academic and professional performance and enjoy hobbies like reading and writing without experiencing headaches and tiredness. If this is something your child struggles with, they’ll no longer be falling behind in school and can start getting much better grades and fulfilling their potential. All of this can be done without taking medications, by completely natural and non-invasive means. For a lot of people, this kind of therapy gives quick results, making a noticeable difference in only a few weeks. One of the biggest benefits of eye vision therapy is that it’s a personalised treatment program designed to treat your specific difficulties, which is why it’s so much more effective than generic approaches. If you think this might be helpful for you or your child, contact a professional like the Melbourne’s optometrists at Microprism Optics. You can also visit this website for more info about vision therapy Read Less


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