What is Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye, or amblyopia, is a condition that usually begins in infancy. Baby lazy eye can easily occur when the child favours the use of one eye over another. This can happen due to a number of different underlying causes. The weaker eye may not look too much different than the stronger eye, which can sometimes make it hard to detect.

In the case of baby lazy eye, mothers might notice that when they cover one of their child’s eyes, the child cries or fusses. This usually means you’re covering the good eye and the child cries because they can’t see properly out of the weaker eye due to the amblyopia condition.


Diagnosis & Lazy Eye Treatment in Toddlers

It’s quite common for parents to seek lazy eye treatment in toddlers, as the amblyopia becomes apparent and parents are concerned about children being ready for starting kindergarten. If you suspect something is wrong with your child’s vision, seek out a lazy eye specialist.

Our behavioural optometrist in Docklands , Dr Michael Christian PhD, can give a correct lazy eye diagnosis. As our approach is behavioural and holistic, our eye examinations take into account more possible causes than your typical optometrist. This is especially important when diagnosing lazy eye in children.

It’s always best to get a lazy eye diagnosis as soon as possible. This is true of lazy eye syndrome in adults or in children. If left unchecked, lazy eye can cause permanent disability and even legal blindness. The sooner you get a lazy eye diagnosis, the sooner you can embark upon lazy eye correction interventions.


Lazy Eye Treatment for Adults with Behavioural Optometry

If you’re concerned about lazy eye surgery cost, don’t be worried. Surgery is only necessary in some instances, and with the recent innovations in vision therapy for lazy eye in adults, there are many other options. If you see our lazy eye specialist Dr Michael Christian, he can conduct a thorough eye exam and advise on the best lazy eye correction methods to suit your particular eyes.

We take a holistic approach to vision therapy for lazy eye in adults, helping the muscles of the weaker eye to gain strength naturally. You may not even need surgery, as we offer alternative treatments such as lazy eye glasses and Vivid Vision Virtual Reality Therapy that can gently yet effectively correct vision.


Experience the Latest in Lazy Eye Correction with Microprism Optics

At Microprism Optics, we work at the cutting-edge of developments in behavioural optometry. Our Docklands clinic takes a holistic approach, making full use of the most current technologies for vision therapy for lazy eye in adults and children. We can prescribe lazy eye glasses and a range of other therapies to help correct your lazy eye. Call us today to book in for an eye exam on (03) 9606 0330.


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