What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is all about how the brain can change the structure of its network of neurons. Neurons are simply brain cells that send chemicals between each other to communicate a message throughout the brain and to the rest of the body.

If you say that the neurons have plasticity – the literal interpretation of the term neuroplasticity – this means that their patterns of behaviour can be changed, as they’re malleable. The brain can create new neurons, new connections between neurons, and can rearrange or get rid of older connections. So what does this mean for neuroplasticity therapy?

How Does Neuroplasticity Therapy Work?

In the past, scientists thought that the brain was static, but now we know that it can change, grow and even heal. Neuroplasticity therapy takes advantage of the brain’s ability to be retrained into different patterns of behaviour.

By helping the brain to create new networks of neurons, new behaviours can be established in the body. These lines of communication that support a desired therapeutic outcome – for example, strengthening the eye muscles – become fortified through practice and use.

The more a relationship of neurons is called upon in everyday life, the stronger it gets. That’s the basic principle behind neuroplasticity and neuroplasticity therapy.

Prism Glasses as Neuroplasticity Therapy

With the emergence of bevahourial optometry, the natural neuroplasticity of the brain can be leveraged for therapeutic purposes to improve vision. A recent scientific study has proven that the work of a behavioural optometrist – using prism glasses to correct eyesight problems – is a highly successful intervention.

Prism glasses use light itself to encourage eye muscle movement and redirection. The results experienced over time can be a vast improvement in vision capabilities and a reduction in prescription strength.

This effect of the prism glasses is only possible due to the process of brain neuroplasticity. By using the non-invasive neuroplasticity therapy, you may get impressive results as the brain relearns how to process visual information.

Learn More About Neuroplasticity Therapy for Better Vision

At Microprism Optics, we make the most of the latest advances in neuroplasticity and brain science to retrain your neurons to see more clearly. Our holistic approach treats the body as a complete ecosystem and acknowledges the brain’s role in creating new behaviour in the body. To book an appointment with our behavioural optometrist, call us on (03) 9606 0330.


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