Microprism Optics aims to support and facilitate improvement in vision, mind and body health. Delivering unique prescription Microprism glasses for clear, easy vision for every task, our aim in vision care is to activate, integrate and motivate people to do what they need to with freedom and confidence.

We aim to assess and treat eye health and vision in a holistic, integrated way. The eyes are examined together in normal lighting conditions with respect to mind and body. Dynamic lens and prism configurations are prescribed to support vision and related mind and body insufficiencies. These specific lens and prism combinations aim to encourage eye muscle movement and redirection, so that over time vision may improve and prescriptions reduce.

Dr Michael Christian

Dr Michael BSc (Hons), BSc (Optom) PhD is an Optometrist who has been pioneering for over twenty years. He recently completed his PhD on Quantum Ophthalmic Optics – Focussing Vision, Mind and Body awarded from the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM) 2013. He has recently completed the Specialist Certificate in Clinical Leadership at Melbourne University.  In his spare time Michael likes skiing and outdoor activities, spending time with family and friends, travelling, and his Church dynamic.


Jake Knowles

Jake is a well experienced, motivated and caring Optical Dispenser having worked in the field of optics since 2011.

He loves to build strong rapport with everyone that he meets and genuinely cares about the service he is providing and the brand he represents.

He is skilled in interpreting optical prescriptions, taking lens measurements and expertly adjusting frames. As the newest member of the team, Jake was drawn to Microprism Optic’s values as he also believes in ongoing patient care and working towards positive outcomes. Jake is professional, calm and courteous, with his key focus being to provide excellent customer service.

In his spare time Jake enjoys spending time in nature as often as possible.


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